Here’s How Celebs (And All Of You) Reacted To Today’s Historic ‘Yes’ Vote

Today’s historicYES‘ vote to marriage equality is making everyone cheer, or cry, or both, and it’s just such a goddamn beautiful thing.

Tens of thousands of people gathered in parks across the country to watch the results of the postal survey read out, while millions more were glued to their television screens.

Here’s how you all reacted.

Labor Senator Penny Wong broke down in tears, and we can only hope that literally everyone within a ten foot radius is trying to smoosh her in a giant hug.

In London, people literally broke into cheers on the tube.

Aussie celebs are expressing their absolute joy at the vote, and overseas celebs are congratulating us. (Side note: HOW NICE IS IT for Australia to be the centre of the world’s attention for something good? Real nice.)

Many people were thanking Marriage Equality Director at GetUp!, Sally Rugg, who has worked so damn tirelessly to bring Australia this result, and support queer people in the meantime.

And still others were ~respectfully~ telling all those who worked hard against today’s history ‘yes’ vote to suck eggs.