Yes, we won. After a huge hard slog through a postal survey which never needed to happen, marriage equality is law. It’s now time for us all to join hands as Australians and step forward into a glorious, egalitarian future where there is no separation between individuals – and we can all live, laugh and love as one…

Nah, it’s time to tell Lyle Shelton to eat shit. Which is what a great many Twitter users did as soon as the amendments failed and marriage equality became law. To the point, in fact, that the word ‘Lyle’ was trending on Twitter globally.

OK, so technically just the word ‘Lyle’ has hit the trending charts. But it’s specifically because a whole shitload of Aussies just started cranking out tweets with ‘EAT SHIT LYLE’ in them.

Here is a mere sampling:

Eat. Shit. Lyle.