Your Xmas Weather Forecast Is Here & For God’s Sake, Please Wear Sunscreen

christmas weather forecast

Blow up the inflatable pool and dust off the esky, friends, because most of Australia‘s in for a steamy Christmas.

After a year that’s brought us thunderstorm asthma, cyclones, floods, and blistering heat (oh, you don’t remember February?), the one day of the year when everyone’s pretty much guaranteed to be forced outside to watch relatives cook over an open flame is, yep, gonna be hot.

At least, it is for Perth, Brisbane and Darwin, who’ll all be copping Christmas Days in the 30s. After a week of unseasonable storms, Perth is looking to finally be back on track with a top of 32C. Brisbane’s surprising no-one with 33C forecast and a possible storm, and Darwin’s likely to cop 34C, which is just as insane as the place itself, frankly.

In Sydney, the lead-up to Christmas will be way worse than the day itself – the official forecast is a 35C Christmas Eve followed by a (hopeful) cool change to 23C the next day.

And sorry, Western Sydney, but you’ve got two absolute scorchers coming at ya fast – tomorrow and Wednesday, to be specific, which will both be 41C. Ouch.

Melbourne and Adelaide both have a far more civilised outlook, with Melbs looking like 21C and ADL topping out at 27C. Meanwhile Hobart is putting the rest of the country to shame with a high of 20C and a low of 10C – the only place in Australia where all the wintry decorations actually make sense.

In terms of getting outdoors and absorbing enough vitamin D to cancel out the many, many screen hours you’ve clocked up over 2017, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra will take top gong for nicest weather. They’ve all got an over 80% chance of zero rain, and Canberra’s temps are gonna be in the mid-20s. Lovely.

What’s the takeaway here, folks? If you’re planning on drinking a bottle of white wine and passing out on a deck chair before 11am, at least whack on a layer of zinc before you flop down. And stock up on ice. There’s never enough bloody ice.