2022 Is Coming In Hot, Literally, With New Years Day Weather Looking Like A Scorcher

New Years day weather forecast 2022

2022 is coming in hot tomorrow, with forecasts for New Years Day weather seeing scorching, sunny days in most corners of Australia, with some rainier weather for our friends up north.

According to the Daily Mail‘s weather forecast, a large pressure system luring heat to the south-east like a temptress in the night will cause Melbourne to see an absolute scorcher on the New Day™, reaching temps of 37C. Clearly 2022 is trying to assert her dominance from the get go.

Queen, let me assure you, you do not need to try. We accept your supremacy over 2021.

South Australia and the ACT are also expected to be scorching hawt, with Adelaide forecasted to be 37C on New Years Day. It’ll be party cloudy and pretty dry, with only 5% chance of rain, according to the Daily Mail.

Canberra is going to be not as apocalyptically hot, hitting 31C tomorrow, and Mother Nature is going to be (a little) kinder to Sydney, which will see a sunny day with tops of 29C and a bit of humidity. Great if you have a pool, not great if you have COVID.

Given the humidity, there’s a chance of thunderstorms in the arvo, though that’ll likely be limited to the outerwest.

In the north, La Niña is desperately clinging onto relevancy by sending a tropical low pressure system across the top half of Queensland. The weather conditions will be unsettled, like me after seeing NSW’s COVID case numbers, and there’ll likely be rain in Brisbane despite the warm expected temperature of 27C. But also maybe there won’t. Hence the unsettled conditions.

Hobart will welcome the new year with more pleasant (in my humble opinion) weather, with January 1 expected to be 28C and cloudy. Darwin looks like it’ll be reaching a high of 33C, with storms in the arvo like Sydney.

Perth will be a decently hot on New Year’s Day at 29C with mostly sunny conditions. Considering the city has been enduring 40C days since Christmas, this is an improvement. It’s the LEAST 2022 could do. Cooler weather, as a little treat.

Well that’s your last weather forecast of 2021 folks! Weather girl OUT.