Hold Onto Your Butts, ‘Cos The Woolies / Scooby Snack Plot Has Thickened

Yesterday we brought you a chilling dispatch from the Woolworths Facebook page – a den of sin, debauchery and malformed sweet potatoes unfit for sale or human consumption. The story in question concerned a Sydney mum, who had accidentally fed her children Scooby-Doo branded dog treats because they were stocked in the pet food aisle.

Here’s the post again, in case you were wondering:

Now, Woolies’ response – as per news.com.au – was that they weren’t stocked in the snack aisle, and that they’re pretty clearly intended for dogs:

Woolworths has insisted to news.com.au the products are only stocked in the pet food section of the store and not next to the Tiny Teddies.

Aside from the pet food declaration, the front of the Scooby Snacks pack also says the biscuits are individually wrapped in “doggy bags” but you have to go to the back to see a note saying “treat your pet as you train them.”

The product is shaped like dog bones and the pack says they are designed to “support skin and coat health”.

But intrepid Facebook sleuths have uncovered a bit of historical data which might throw a spanner in the works of the Scooby Snacks debate. Namely, a post on the Woolworths Facebook from all the way back in the dark ages of July.

The post, from one Dave Wolf, seems to indicate that there is precedent for Scooby Snacks being placed in the snacks aisle, rather than the pet food aisle to which they rightfully belong. Behold, from July 25 this very year

“How many people have fed these to their children without knowing?” Dave asks. My dude… this is an incredible question. I can tell you that your grim prophecy came true in at least one case – who knows how many hundreds, thousands, millions are too ashamed to come forward.

So we have some precedent to the Scooby Snacks being stocked in the snack aisle. Honestly though, apart from the glaringly visible PET FOOD ONLY label up there, and the enormous cartoon dog, one could maybe mistake it for some other shitty brand tie-in snack food.

Stay safe out there, team.

(The post is screenshotted below, in case the original vanishes due to a vast government coverup, extending into the highest echelons of power.)