We preface this story by asserting that we have absolutely no other information other the bare fact contained in the headline: Will Smith is apparently in Sydney right now.

No, we do not know why.

The man who helped lead the global human uprising against interstellar invaders in the great War of ’96 seems to have snuck into the country at some point over the past 12 hours or so, confirming as much by posting a happy snap of himself doing a little touristing.

What Up, Sydney? Ya’ Boy is in the Buildin’

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The photo is the latest on Smith’s recently-launched Instagram account, which thus far has been dancing with some intensely powerful Dad areas.

Kids Just Don’t Understand. @willowsmith

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Again, we have absolutely no idea what he’s doing in Sydney or why he has indeed decided to skip on over to the New South Wales capital.

Maybe it’s a press tour for some sort of film we’re not aware of at this stage.

Maybe he just decided to get out of the unholy sub-2o degree Californian winter conditions.

Maybe he’s coming to one-up Jeff Goldblum by opening a pop-up food truck called Grill Smith where he will be slinging up some Wild Wild Western Bacon Cheeseburgers or an Enemy of the Steak Sandwich.

Or maybe – just maybe – he’s come to enact horrible revenge on any and all who dared to speak ill of the dreadful Orc Cop movie.

Our take? It’s definitely the latter.

Time’s up, jerks.

Image: Instagram / Will Smith