Netflix Confirms Orc Cop Bonanza ‘Bright’ Will Land A Big Orc Cop Sequel

Which sounds stranger: a world in which humans, orcs, and fairies struggle to exist together, or a world in which a critically-panned movie about that same conflict lands a big-budget sequel?

We’re leaning towards the second option, because risky high-concept like Netflix’s Bright don’t roll around too often. Yet the streaming giant has now confirmed a follow-up to the David Ayer‘s original motion picture is on the way.

With a brief, tongue-in-cheek video posted to Twitter, Netflix let audiences know the fabled orc cop blockbuster will return with a second instalment.

Sure, it’s likely they just had leftover prosthetics from the original film, but Netflix has also revealed stats to suggest viewers really, really liked Bright: apparently, 11 million people watched the thing in its first three days on the platform, and that it’s the #1 film in every country in which Netflix operates.

That’s good enough for star Will Smith, who has just delivered a message on Instagram about the importance of, uh, world domination.

Variety reports Smith and Joel Edgerton will return as regular cop and orc cop, respectively. Director Ayer is also slated to return. Screenwriter Max Landis will not, though.

While you wait for the follow-up, you can read PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s thoughts on the original HERE.