Wet Witch La Niña Could Soon Free Us From Her Curse Bc BOM Reckons She’ll Cu— Uh, Peak Early

La niña tormenting the east coast

Wet witch La Niña has tormented Australia for the third time in a row, refusing to free us from her curse. However, the legends over at BOM (Babes of Meteorology) have predicted when she will finally wither and leave us dry. And by dry I just mean less wet.

You see, La Niña isn’t the only weather system currently sploogeing all over us. While she rides us from the Pacific, we also have a negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) destroying us from the other end. Plus a Southern Annular Mode (SAM) and approaching Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) are also trying to get in on the action. Hence why we’re such a slobbery mess.

The good news is BOM reckons this La Niña will be “a short-lived event”. Just a quicky. Even her stamina has limits.

So, when will La Niña end?

The weather wizards said she will likely tire of squirting in spring, and the rains should slowly move on from then onwards. Another scientist has given an even more specific timeframe.

“In general, La Nina or, and also El Nino, tends to peak in summer itself and then starts to decay in autumn,” Dr Agus Santoso from UNSW Science’s Climate Change Research Centre told 7News.

In the past, this has been around February. However, looks like La Niña will cu- uh, I mean, peak earlier.

“This particular La Nina event [will] peak next month, in November, and then it starts decaying from there on,” he said.

You hear that folks? We may actually have some semblance of sunshine next year! Though don’t get your hopes up too high because all the other weather systems competing for our attention could block out our summer.

As for this spring, it’ll get wetter and wetter before La Niña peaks.

“We should expect wetter than normal conditions,” Dr Santoso said.

“If we have extreme weather systems coming in, like what we had in March earlier this year, then that would lead to flooding because … dams are already full and the catchments are already saturated.”

Our IOD is also going strong, so expect the next couple of months at least to be rainy AF. Though you already knew that.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get a beach day or two next year?