Well Fuck Us Sideways, The Courier-Mail Just Backed ‘Yes’ On SSM

Last week we reported on the frankly shookening news that NSW tabloid The Daily Telegraph, more known for hate-mongering than supporting equality, came out in support for a ‘Yes’ vote in the ongoing same-sex marriage postal survey and, would you look at that, now too have VIC‘s Herald-Sun and, holy shittening Christ on a bike The Courier-Mail??? That can’t be right…

Much like the Tele, the two major papers used their Friday editorial sections to voice how, ultimately, a ‘Yes’ vote is the only right response.

Whilst both owned by Rupert Murdoch, The Herald-Sun sits only slightly right-of-centre politically speaking and so an editorialised ‘Yes’ isn’t too huge of a shock, but The Courier is known for often entering some truly batshit heavy-right territory, like this kind of shit:

Yeeeeh, this was fucked.

Which is why it so dang refreshing to see some logic, and kindness voiced in The Courier for once. I mean just look at this sheer display of sanity:

This is a straightforward question of marriage equality – nothing more and nothing less. Despite some claims from the No side, this poll is about changing the Marriage Act, which has no bearing whatsoever on school curricula, religious rights (and the majority of marriages in Australia today are performed by secular celebrants), free speech or gender fluidity.

Weighing up the views of both sides, The Courier Mail believes that the Yes vote should prevail.

The Herald’s editorial similarly concludes on a big tick for the Yes vote:

In 2017, we should not want to remain a country that retains a law that discriminates against a section of our soceity. Same-sex couples seeking to marry and to be legally recognised as making that heartfelt, lifelong commitment are discriminated against… and are not now treated as equal.

The Heral Sun supports a yes vote to change the Marriage Act.


Despite substantial declines in circulation and often being regarded as less important “old media”, big newspapers still have a decent whack of power in regards to swaying community discourse and invididual Australian minds and so it’s great to see support for the side of this campaign preaching equality and love.

Even if it is buried pages and pages in…

Hey Sydney Morning Herald, The West Australian, The Advertiser and all the rest of you paper punks: Tick tock mother fuckers, get on the train or jog off.