WATCH: Tim Minchin’s New Pro-SSM Tune Still Calls Australia Homophobic

Barring some sort of High Court miracle, the godforsaken postal vote on marriage equality is going to happen. The Federal Government is extremely keen on it, and those people in power pushing for the vote to take this form are doing so purely because they’re searching for a result of no; weird to think that if the result is yes, it’s not legally binding, but if it’s no then it suddenly is. Weird. Very weird indeed. Almost like they’re trying to orchestrate things to fit the answer they’ve already decided on.

But I digress.

The campaign for Yes is based around a fairly simple principle: If they want to do things in this shitful way, then we’ll stuff them so full of yes votes it’ll make it either impossible to ignore, or will provide fodder for them to be electorally obliterated if they do.

Prominent Australians are starting to come out in firm public support of the Yes movement…

…and one such person to do that is everyone’s favourite lion-maned ginger Tim Minchin.

Minchin posted a short song – a cover of the iconic ‘I Still Call Australia Home‘ – to his Facebook page a short while ago in support of the push for equal love in the country.

Only instead of a straight-up cover, he tweaked the lyrics *ever so slightly*, giving us the debut of ‘I Still Call Australia Homophobic‘ in the process.

It’s charming. It’s funny. It’s absolutely spot on the money.

Tim, you’ve a lovely voice as always and you’ve hit the nail on the head there.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to the second greatest Australian Christmas song of all time, ‘White Wine in the Sun,’ and cry a whole bunch because it just bloody gets to me.

And if you haven’t updated your electoral details yet, for the love of dog do it immediately.

Give the bastards literally no other alternative.