Folks, You’ve Got 14 Days To Enrol For The SSM Postal Vote Next Month

If you’ve been putting off enrolling for the same-sex marriage postal vote that’s likely going to happen later this year then get your finger out and enrol right now before it’s too late.

The Australian Electoral Commission‘s cutoff date for enrolments is August 24, which means you’ve got a fortnight to check your correct deets are in the electoral roll to make your voice heard in the postal vote.

You can check your enrolment over here at the AEC‘s site now. Do it. Right now. Put your lunch down and check.

And if you’re not enrolled? Then go and do that right now. Here, I’ve even made it easy for you, all you have to do is click right here.

If you’re an Aussie overseas and you want your vote to be counted as well, then you’ll need to enrol yourself as an Overseas Elector and update your details to your current postal address with this form.

Considering there’s only two weeks in which to have your details updated and ready to go, it might be worth giving your home state/territory’s electoral office a buzz.

If you’re only away for a short sojourn, and you’re back before the voting deadline of November 7, then just make sure your postal address is your correct Aussie one, and it should be waiting there for you sometime after September 12.

No matter which way you’re going to vote, it’s important that the correct forms make it to you on time. This is important and it may just put the same-sex marriage debate to bed once and for all.

Now seriously, get it done.