Courier Mail, By Courier Mail Standards, Runs Perfectly Ordinary Front Page

Not one to be outdone by their NewsCorp brethren at the Herald Sun, the Courier Mail decided to go one-up in the Photoshop stakes.
This is the actual front page their editorial department decided to run with today.
You know that one kid at school – usually not a big kid – who was a giant pest and used to bully everyone relentlessly, and people just kinda put up with it until it became too much and you’d finally turned around and slap him, but then he’d start crying and immediately run to the teachers and then you’d be the one copping detention whilst he stood at the window of the room making faces at you all through lunch?
That’s the Courier Mail.
BONUS ROUND: What do the Courier Mail readers have to say about this whole Q&A situation?

Indeed, stop the beacracy from allowing the UN to install the New World Order. Do it now Malcom. Malcom pls.
Any retorts, people?
Alright. Thanks for playing.