Cory Bernardi Is Launching Robocalls Advocating A ‘No’ Vote On 1M Aussies

In case this entire postal survey on same-sex marriage wasn’t enough of a nightmare, Satan’s plaything Cory Bernardi has just announced a robocall that’s going to push a ‘no’ vote on one million Australians.

There’s never been a better time to not own a house phone, no?

The call will ask people if they’re voting yes, no, or haven’t yet decided, but not before a three minute spiel on the so-called ‘dangers’ of a ‘yes’ vote.

“Hello, it’s Senator Cory Bernadi calling from the Australian Conservatives, and I’d like to ask you something very important – so please, stay on the line for just a moment,” it says. (Did someone take this scenario directly out of my nightmares or what?)

“As a parent I’m deeply concerned about how changing the Marriage Act will affect families and children.

“Changing the Marriage Act will limit the right of parents to object to radical gay sex education and gender ideology programs from being taught in schools.

Removing gender from marriage means removing it from all areas of our society, including our schools.”

It’s reportedly going to cost $50,000, but Bernardi wouldn’t be drawn into talking about exact costs.

“I’ve organised this and I’m paying for it,” he said. “That’s like asking how much pocket money I give my wife.” After a pause, he added: “Or how much she gives me, I should say.”


The downsides to the robocall are many – and not just because poor innocent Aussies don’t deserve to have Cory Bernardi’s voice in their lives while they’re just trying to eat dinner.

First of all, it could well convince a number of undecided voters into the no camp, leaning on the false lies and blatant homophobia the ‘no’ campaign has been running on this entire time.

But secondly, Bernardi will likely use the anti-SSM result he’s almost certain to achieve (any notion that this poll is a balanced one is laughable) to booster his own point of view, and we’ll literally never hear the end of it.

In other news, the ABS is going to start making a running total of the same-sex marriage surveys public as early as next week, which will at least give us an idea of which way the country’s swinging.

But christ-a-bloody-live. Is it not over yet?