Our generation suffers commonly from something called ‘Imposter Syndrome‘, apparently. It’s where you constantly think you’re doing terribly at your job, your relationships, and just life in general – despite the fact you’re probably doing pretty well. 

But how can we fucking not tbh, when people like Waleed Aly exist?

The man has killed the game this year, from his constant, logical, well-presented, progressive commentary on The Project, to his ‘ISIL are weak’ speech which garnered a whopping 28+ million views last month. The man can do no wrong, and he’s a warm and welcoming voice of reason in an otherwise widely fear-mongering media landscape. 

Oh, and did we mention he’s a bloody excellent guitarist, too?

He surprised audiences at the annual award ceremony for journalists ‘The Walkley Awards‘ last night in Sydney, by performing a damn near-perfect rendition of the guitar solo of Pink Floyd‘s ‘Comfortably Numb‘ while on stage with his band Robot Child

Footage is grainy, but worth watching regardless. Solo starts at around 2:00. 

God-fkn-dammit. Here’s that Imposter Syndrome again. 

*drinks wine in bathtub while crying*

Source: Mumbrella

Photo: Twitter