WATCH: Try Not To Vom At This Bloke’s Ultra-Close Run In With Brown Snake

Oh for the love that all that is holy, apparently you can’t even have a casual bushman’s breakfast in your own backyard without some slithering tube of nope interrupting your biz.

A bloke from Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast posted a video to YouTube overnight, showing his incredibly close (and largely unsuspecting) run-in with a brown snake in his own backyard.
The video, taken from security camera footage, shows the bloke sitting down at his outdoor setting, minding his own business, when his faithful pooch chases in the wriggling bastard who slides directly under his chair and past his legs before he cottoned on to exactly what was going down.

The video description speculates that the dog was preventing the snake from sliding its way inside, where it probably would’ve made a nest under the fridge or something.
But with that said, burn the house, salt the earth, move to the moon.

Source: Reddit.