Channel Nine News’ now-infamous white shirt blow-up has become a very special kind of meme: while it was obviously proliferated online by countless drama-hounds ( ), its emergence from broadcast media means it’s ready-made for TV and radio pisstakes.

While arch-enemy Channel Seven has already had a dig at host Amber Sherlock’s reaction to Julie Snook’s samey-samey top, Triple J has also stepped up to the memey plate with a send-up of its own.

Featuring Breakfast newbies Ben and Liam and veteran Veronica, the goof takes a detour into charity promotion, so you can feel v. positive about this whole ordeal:

FWIW, Triple J has backed the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience since ’15, and now they’re looking to bring the v. successful education programme to 10,000 Indigenous kids. 

You can donate to AIME here. Do it for the meme. 

Source and photo: Triple J / Facebook.