Watch The Third Installment Of GIRLS: In Production

Forever teasing over its impending Season 3 release, GIRLS has dropped their third installment of their “In Production” series. This time we go behind the scenes of GIRLS in a video that ill-fittingly sounds like an inspirational speech crossed with a weak political party campaign – courtesy of its stellar soundtrack that screams copyright free.

Despite its questionable music choice that is a far reach from the show’s iconic Robin moment, it’s pretty hard to diss anything that is vaguely Girls related; the return of its third season will herald the introduction of its first female black character, Taystee from Orange Is The New Black and significantly more Elijah, according to Lena Dunham.

The video wraps up where each of the lead girls’ are at from the beginning of the show’s upcoming season. We’ve got Hannah – in a relationship with Adam, on good terms with her book editor and “kind of in the best place we’ve seen her yet”; there’s Jessa, who’s just being Jessa “kicking up dust”; Marnie is “manically grieving, feeling very empowered and completely falling apart like she always is”; Shoshanna is being reckless “specifically sexually” and will be “experimenting with new hairstyles and eye make up that will really satisfy the twittersphere.”

Lena Dunham also cared to point out that she actually does read your passionate #girls tweets, saying that she loves to incessantly refresh twitter while a show airs to see the love/trolls/hate roll in.

Watch the in production sneak peek below. GIRLS returns on January 12.