HBO Avoids Britta-ing As Gillian Jacobs Lands A Role On Girls

Yes, I know. Community is no more (for the time being) and that’s really sad and upsetting and a definitely confirmation that the darkest timeline is the true timeline. However the good news is that the much beloved actors who populated Greendale are more than capable of acting in other things. And sometimes they’ll act other things that you like too. So with that in mind, Britta Perry inhabiter Gillian Jacobs has been unveiled as a recurring cast member of HBO‘s smash hit,  and Lena Dunham‘s career maker, Girls.

The phenomenally wonderful Jacobs is set to take on a multi-episode arc in the show’s fourth season, which is in the middle of production right now. The news was confirmed by Dunham on Twitter, who also marked the wrap of the show’s 36th episode.

Jacobs will reportedly be filling the role of a character named “Mimi-Rose” and is set to debut in the fifth episode of the show’s fourth season. Jacobs is the second Community alumnus to appear in the show following Donald Glover‘s two episode appearance at the start of season 2.

Gillian Jacobs on Girls. What’s good about that?
Photo: Cindy Ord via Getty Images.