WATCH: The ABC Found Two Aussie Trump Supporters In NYC & Hoo Boy

Australia has sent two of our best and brightest to the States to comment on the US election, and we don’t mean the dedicated journos introducing American voters to the democracy sausage.

We mean these two Trump fans.

Obviously the thought of Australia ‘sending’ these two over is a bit of a stretch – reluctantly allowing them to hide away in Cory Bernardi‘s suitcase is more like it – but extremely weird all the same.

“Whoever wins it’s never going to be the same after this,” says the bloke, we’re almost 100% sure is former ultraconservative USyd SRC candidate Tom Russell. “Everyone always says at every election that America’s at a crossroads, it’s a cliche but sometimes cliches are cliches for decades, and sometimes they’re true and I really think this electoral cycle is it.”

“Um yeah I see this from a legal perspective,” says the girl, “and I’m seeing that the Supreme Court in the United States, a lot of rights are being read in which didn’t originally exist, we’re having the same problem in Australia, and yeah, Trump said he’s going to bring in conservative judges and that’s why I support him.”

When the ABC journo asks her (inexplicably, imo), how “big a day” this is in America’s history, she replies:

“I think it’s massive. We’re going to have hopefully a reshaping of the electoral map, we’re going to have a lot of silent majority that have felt trodden down for a while, coming up, rising up, feeling like–” and then thankfully the clip ends.

The ‘silent majority’ is a fun phrase bandied about most often by Trump’s #1 fan Bernardi, and refers to the definitely not majority of people with ultra-conservative views. (Anti-SSM, pro-rape culture, “how do you know Muslims AREN’T terrorists”, that kind of thing. The type of people who voted for One Nation.)

*WHY* the ABC asked these guys their opinion is beyond us, but if you want more of Russell’s opinions, here’s an interview he did with Honi Soit in 2013.

Warning: it’s incredibly long and also insane.

Photo: Twitter / ABC.