Sorry But Why The Fuck Were Pro-Trump Protesters Marching In Melbourne Last Night?

pro trump supporters australia

As the US Capitol in Washington D.C. was stormed by Donald Trump supporters – who invaded Congress, forced an evacuation and the traditional electoral college ballot vote to be paused – Australian-based Trump supporters in Melbourne have come out of the woodwork in our own backyards.

On Wednesday night, a parade of protesters were spotted marching up St Kilda Road toward the Melbourne CBD, waving American flags, pro-Trump signs, and chanting “four more years” and “Donald Trump”. The group were also spotted gathering outside the US Consulate General near Fawkner Park in the city’s south.

On the other side of the Yarra, a ute decked out in full pro-Trump regalia was spotted driving down Nicholson St in Fitzroy North, with homemade signs pushing the unfounded allegations the recent US election was rigged.

On the ground in the United States, footage of the crowds storming Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. captured by NBC News shows an Australian flag in amongst the numerous American, Trump, and yellow Gadsden rattlesnake flags.

It’s not confirmed who the person waving the Australian flag in amongst the pro-Trump masses at Capitol Hill was, or whether anything came of the gatherings and protests in Australia, but it’s a turnout that’s seemingly unsurprising – especially for those who have been only getting their information from Sky News.

During the election and the aftermath of the polling, the Rupert Murdoch-owned outlet has been incessantly peddling the unsubstantiated claims that the US election was fraudulent and the win was “stolen” from Trump.

If you’ve just woken up and not sure what the fuck is happening right now, here’s an overview of everything that went down in Washington D.C. this morning, which is being labelled as a coup, and has resulted in one death amongst the pro-Trump hoardes.

We’re not even a week into 2021. Jesus Christ.