18 Photos & Tweets That Show How Chaotic & Fkd Up The Attempted Coup On The US Capitol Was

Capitol Hill Coup Protest

In case you missed it somehow, a pro-Trump mob breached the US Capitol in protest of Congress, who today were making steps to confirm Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. It was pure chaos over at Capitol Hill, and there are plenty of images and tweets to prove it.

To give a very quick run-down of what went down, Trump gave a speech at Constitution Ave., and halfway through it folks started marching towards Capitol Hill, which isn’t too far from where they were gathered. After the speech concluded, there were mass crowds storming the Capitol, which moved from a large protest to a full-on storming of the building.

Here are 18 of the most absolutely fucked images from the attempted Capitol Hill coup that you really just have to see to believe.

(Getty Images: Spencer Platt) 

The absolute scale of the protest was best captured in a couple of videos taken by folks on-site. Here, you can see people just casually walking into a government building like it’s nothing.

Thankfully, ballots were saved before anyone got their hands on them. It’s not hard to guess what would’ve happened if they weren’t.


In this footage, you can see the moment Senators paused their debate as protesters reached the building.

(Getty Images: Tasos Katopodis)

Glass doors were smashed, and pro-Trump rioters vandalised Democrat Nancy Pelosi‘s office

Capitol Hill Coup(Getty Images: Spencer Platt)

More shots from inside the building emerged over time, and God, America truly is a fucked place.

(Getty Images: Win McNamee)

The fact that noted neo-Nazi Baked Alaska was live-streaming from inside the event was also something truly unbelievable to behold in shock.


And finally, may I conclude with this absolute zinger of a Tweet combination, which sums up just how insane this coup was in a historical sense: in an unprecedented move, the Confederate Flag was paraded through the Capitol.