In this completely normal and definitely not insane country we call Australia, Cory Bernardi wants the ABC staffer responsible for a comedy sketch in which his failed candidate was called a “cunt” to be fired.

Earlier today, we reported on the Tonightly skit earning complaints from Communications Minister Mitch Fifield and Bernardi himself.

The skit, which aired last week, proposed renaming the electorate of Batman to “Batman-was-a-cunt”. In the course of the skit, Australian Conservatives candidate for Batman Kevin Bailey was accidentally-on-purpose called “a cunt” for gags.

If you want a quick catch up, watch the skit below.

Now Bernardi has literally called for someone at the ABC to be fired over the skit, telling ABC Radio Adelaide:

“I think someone needs to lose their job over it, because it’s not like these things go to air without being pre-screened. I don’t think that sort of language is an appropriate thing on TV at any time.”

TBF, there’s a long, long list of things Cory Bernardi doesn’t think is “appropriate”, so he’s hardly the best judge here.

Coalition frontbencher Simon Birmingham also called for somebody to be fired. “Frankly, somebody should lose their job over it,” he said.

It’s all a bit exhausting, really. Probably the ABC will apologise, the Coalition will never shut up about it, and we’ll all get bored until Tonightly fires back with its next segment. Ho hum.

Image: ABC