Trump Told His Supporters To Vote On The Wrong Date & Shh No One Tell Him

Donald Trump is roaring around the campaign trail at the moment. 
Ever since his two attempts at a reaching a professional, presidential standard for debating his opponent Hillary Clinton failed absolutely miserably, Trump’s been doing everything he bloody can to hike himself back up in the polls. 
But old mate just seems to be making everything worse for himself. 
Today at a campaign stop in Florida, Trump somehow accidentally told everybody to vote on the wrong day. 
In the video of the speech in front of Floridian supporters, Trump says, 
“Go and register. Make sure you get out and vote, November 28. If you’ve already registered, request an absentee ballot today and vote!”

But, erm… Election Day in the US is November 8th.
What’s that? Hasn’t Trump has been campaigning for over a year now, and likely heard/said/discussed the Election Day date like, a thousand times? 
And can Trump afford to lose votes at the moment, from supporters missing Election Day voting because of his incorrect info? 
However, it seems as though there’s 28 days ’til the election, so the the doddery old bugger probably just got confused!
All’s bloody well then! S’pose we should hand the fool some of them juicy, tantalising nuclear codes, in that case. Mmm, good idea.
Source: ABC.