Look, none of us are under any illusions here. We’re all acutely aware that doing breakfast radio would be a hellishly tough gig.

What with your super early starts and having to be switched on and finishing work well before anyone else does. It’s a skewed existence that scrambles the brains of the unworthy.

Couple that, then, with a full schedule at the recent Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and you’d be absolutely forgiven if you go a wee bit stir crazy.

But this, man. I dunno. Even this is pushing the boundaries of controllably crazy.

Triple J‘s Matt & Alex have been pushing a running joke re: legionnaire hats for a little while now. Fair enough. Legionnaire hats are pretty funny in a “no hat, no play” kinda way.

But then… Uh… This happened.

We’re not sure how to explain it any further, other than to assert a trigger warning for anyone precious about the tropes of French impressionist film.

Protect ya neck, indeed.

Source: Triple J/YouTube.