As a child of late 80’s Australian Suburbia, I sported the finest hand me downs money couldn’t buy. Oversized shirts emblazoned with Dragons, jeans with elastic waistbands, legionnaire hats and no shoes. I stopped dressing like a burnt out raver when I turned eight and if Stella McCartney kid’s range was around back then I think I would have dug it.

It might be the jealousy talking but it’s like kids are too cool these days. True, it’s not like toddlers have an active say in their clothes, they’re more like oversized dolls for really cool parents to project how really fucking cool they are. But then I look at the smiling faces in McCartney’s campaign imagery (shot by Ryan McGinley no less) and the cynicism melts away. Yes these kids are dressed like adults (mini Lenny Kravitz is that you?) but a Balmain-esque military jacket is just way too appropriate for the whimsy of childhood. Ke-ute.

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