Matt & Alex Got The OG ‘Why Don’t We Have Both’ Girl To Recreate The Magic

Packing is tough. Packing for a 3-day camping trip where you’ll probably be dirty and drunk the whole time is a whole ‘nother ball game. 
Triple J‘s Matt & Alex tried to pack for Splendour in the Grass – which is on this weekend, in case you forgot – and while they got the essentials (tent, sleeping bag, undies), they managed to become absolutely bloody stumped when they could only fit one more item, and had to choose between the artform known as the legionnaires hat, or a tune rag. 
Did you want to protect yourself from harmful rays? Or did you want a tune rag to, as Matt so eloquently put it, have to something ‘to wipe up the froth that Flume gives me’. Tough decisso. 
We’re very lucky in Australia, that when we face tough decisions like this, we can always rely on cultural icon and national hero, The Porque No Los Dos Girl – AKA Mia Agraviador.
And that they did:
Watch the beautiful meeting of Mia, Matt & Alex below (especially if you’re struggling to decide between two separate thing rn, decision-making is Mia‘s forte):
 I  C  O   N  I  C  
Photo: Triple J