Alex Dyson’s Teary Tribute To Triple J Will Make You Salute Your Tune Rag

Today’s very sad news that ya bois Matt & Alex are hanging up their legionnaire’s caps and bursting free of the confines of Triple J Breakfast as beautiful and spiritually renewed butterflies – or something like that, at least – has gutted us, of course. 

And to top it all of, Alex Dyson gave us a really, really heartfelt tribute to his time at the Jay. He’s been there since he was 18, so it’s obvious it’s played a huge part in his life. Have a read:
From starting so young, I guess, I never really felt like I was part of Triple J, like I didn’t deserve to be here. I felt it for a little while, and I thought it was going to go away. But after it didn’t go away, I realised it’s because Triple J is bigger than anything, bigger than any single host, logo, whatever. 

Triple J is you the listener – it’s your road trips, your texts, your festival outfits, it’s you cranking the radio when you’re studying or on the worksite. It’s you setting it to your preset in the car. It’s the fact you go out wearing a legionnaire’s hat even though it looks ridiculous. We know it’s ridiculous. I’ll admit it, it’s ridiculous. It’s you loving music so much you’ll spend your money, your time, your energy doing something you enjoy. 

You can’t see it, but it’s how it makes you feel, it’s an attitude, it’s about people connecting over a shared love. And I didn’t feel like I belonged in this room because I’m basically just one of you – I’m basically just a Triple J fanboy who happens to be the one who pushes the buttons and chats to you. 

That’s why it’s going to be so sad to leave – I’m going to miss you! I mean, being here for a while I’ve grown up, you’ve been with me as that’s happened. As I’ve laughed, danced, made jokes, opened up, made mistakes – plenty of them – learned… you’ve not only watched me grow, you’ve helped me grow, you’ve helped shape me into the person I am today.

It’s really cool meeting people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julia Gillard, Dave Grohl, Kristin Wiig, whatever. But nothing’s cooler than being at Splendour in the Grass – having like an ER nurse tell you that you make a tough job easier, or like giving people high-fives, giving people hugs… having people say to you “Hey Matt & Alex, I’ve also lost my mum when I was younger, and hearing you guys talk about it makes me feel less alone.”

Thank you so much. I had more written down, but I didn’t get to it. It’s not a step away, it’s a step down. I’m back down in the pit with you, with the rest of you frothers.

We can look back at the metaphorical Triple J stage, put our arms around each other, look back up as the next host who is one of us takes the reigns of this crazy, gorgeous, irreverent radio station that feels like less of a radio station and more of a family.

Folks, we’re weepin’. Have a listen to Alex’s emotional delivery below. We’ll miss you lads.

Source: Triple J.
Photo: Triple J.