Listen To Matt & Alex Deliver Their Tune Rag-Filled Farewell To Triple J

Ya bois Matt & Alex are departing from the Triple J airwaves, free to wave their tune rags in greener pastures like the ratdogs they are. Their final show was this morning, and as expected it was a bloody moving experience for all involved. They played their very own Like A Version with a bunch of guest stars.
They also delivered, courtesy of Alex Dyson, a bloody moving final hurrah. Life is like a tune rag, Dyson posits, and we’re with him every step of the damn way.

“You could leave [your tune rag] at home, folded up neatly in the drawer, safe and protected from the world. But that’s not what tune rags are for,” he said. “Life is like a tune rag, and we’re damn proud that you’ve let us be a part of your tune rag.”

Have a listen:
Source: Triple J.
Photo: Facebook.