WATCH: Lisa Wilkinson Sets Rekt-0-Metre To Max In Clive Palmer Interview

Lisa Wilkinson just absolutely rekt Clive Palmer on the Today show this morning, and it was savage.

Palmer’s been in the public firing line recently after his Queensland Nickel business went into voluntary administration leaving more than 200 workers with the prospect of losing their jobs, a matter that reached new levels of shady when it emerged the company donated $6 million to the Palmer United Party during a time of financial difficulties.

And, apparently, Wilkinson has had it up to bloody here.

“You’re a politician in federal parliament these days,” she said to him. “Is it fair to say that your stint has been at best an embarrassment and at worst a disaster?

“You fall asleep in Parliament, you often don’t bother to turn up, your so-called Palmer United party has imploded, you’ve betrayed the faith of everyone who believed in you, from Queensland Nickel to your Chinese partners to your workers to voters in your electorate, what do you think the average Australian voter thinks of you right now?” 

In fairness to Palmer (and boy, does it pain us to write those words), he wasn’t really given a chance to answer; Wilkinson continued laying into him even as he blustered a response, and in fact only paused to remind Palmer – for the umpteenth time – that she doesn’t work for Rupert Murdoch.

Clive Palmer talks Queensland Nickel workers.

Clive Palmer has been in the firing line in recent weeks, for sacking workers at his Queensland Nickel Factory while allegedly using money from that company to fund his Palmer United Party. Here is part of Lisa’s fiery interview with him just moments ago. #Today9

Posted by TODAY on Thursday, 4 February 2016

Source / Photo: Today.