Clive Palmer Snaps, Tells Journalist “I Don’t Think You’re Very Bright”

Clive Palmer has really had his work cut out for him the last few days, with rookie PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie doing her best to make him look like the sane and rational one in the party. 
Uncle Clive is currently doing damage control, after Lambie “desecrated” the image of a murdered Afghani police woman in a Facebook post, then followed it up with an ABC interview in which she failed to grasp what sharia law is, and a deranged parliamentary speech
Earlier today, Palmer was supposedly overheard telling PUP Senator Dio Wang that Lambie was “not very bright”, and would never make it outside the party. He held a press conference to deny the rumours, at which the above exchange occurred.
Classic Clive. Just think, as long as his minions remain in the Senate and he’s not jailed for stealing the Mona Lisa or something, we have six more years of press conferences just like this to look forward to.