Clive Palmer Ditches His Political Career, Won’t Run In The Election

The one-time would be saviour of Australian politics Clive Palmer is no more. He won’t be contesting his seat of Fairfax at the coming election, which means that his illustrious three years in Parliament, marked by sadness, tragedy and controversy, will meet an untimely end. Goodbye, Clive. Clive Palmer, goodbye.

He’ll be doing a presser at 3pm about his decision, which will presumably be weird and feature overdramatic defences against the apparent media conspiracy that held him down for so, so long.
He lost two of his Senators – Jacqui Lambie and Glenn Lazarus – during his tenure, meaning that only Western Australia‘s Dio Wang remains. He plans to make an announcement about that Senate seat too, so we’ll see how that goes. The Palmer United Party‘s primary vote has bottomed out dramatically since the 2013 election.
He only won Fairfax by 53 votes last time, so his chances of nabbing the seat again were very, very low. Still: this is the definitive end of his extremely illustrious political career.
Source: Nine.
Photo: Getty / Stefan Postles.