WATCH: Larry David Completely Lost It While Trying To Read Out Mean Tweets

As much as we all revel in the curmudgeon-ness of Larry David, it turns out his joy is just as bloody palpable. ‘Course in this case it’s coming from imparting misery onto someone else, but you take the wins you can get.

A couple of days ago, David appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to help the talk show host celebrate his birthday by roasting him in a Kimmel-themed ‘Mean Tweets‘ segment.

It turns out that David had a hell of a good time filming the segment. So much so that Kimmel presented an outtakes reel of the Curb Your Enthusiasm star bursting at the seams trying to deliver the vile online barbs.

David just about doubles over on multiple occasions trying to get the caustic lines out – lines like “can we talk about how Jimmy Kimmel isn’t funny ever? Why is he so confident? Where’s the self-loathing?” or “Jimmy Kimmel is the most arrogant eggplant emoji looking guy I have ever seen.”

Seriously, the laugh. It’s 100% infectious.

May we all find as much joy in something as a 70-year-old Jewish man does from reading out the horrific things anonymous people online have said about one of his friends.

That’s joy in its purest form, right there.