Jimmy Kimmel Got Roasted With ‘Mean Tweets’ On His Surprise Birthday Show

Lord, how we do love ourselves some Mean Tweets.

Jimmy Kimmel‘s long-held tradition of having celebrities onto the show to read out some of the slew of egg-shaped abuse anyone with even a mild public profile cops on Twitter is a corker, not just because some of the insults just-so-happen to be pretty dang funny, but because having someone *else* read them out loud kinda takes away their power and turns them from vaguely threatening to utterly ridiculous. It’s a good thing.

But Kimmel himself is certainly not immune to copping the odd burst of online heat. On today’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host was taken completely out of his comfort zone by the show’s staffers, who used the episode to chuck Jimmy a surprise birthday party.

As part of that, Kimmel got a little taste of his own medicine, with a slew of celebrity pals thoroughly roasting him by reading out some of his mean tweets. And read them they did. We’re talkin’ Larry DavidStephen ColbertDavid LettermanJon StewartKristen Bell, and a particularly savage one from Kim Kardashian, who read a little morsel of handywork from the unknown @KanyeWest account.

Unbelievable that she was randomly assigned that one. What even are the odds.


That Larry David one absolutely owns, my god. Plus retirement Letterman in a suit with that beard is good for what ails you.

Decent way to ring in your surprise birthday late night variety show, TBH.

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