Benedict Cumberbatch, Kristen Bell, Jeff Bridges Read Mean Tweets Live

There’s a time-tested that states Audience + Anonymity = Douchebag Behaviour, which is more or less the stone that the Internet was built on, bless its bitter little heart.

And with Twitter being the magnificent, instantaneous avenue of information sharing – a global community notice board, if you will – people have chosen to use that great power to bitch crassly about celebrities.
Enter, Jimmy Kimmel, and his immensely popular Mean Tweets segment, which has been running for a good while now.
Wanting to step things up a notch, Kimmel has declared this week’s run of Jimmy Kimmel Live! shows to be Mean Tweets Week, and instead of having a bunch of famous pals pull a segment together by pre-recording it, he’s getting them to drop in live to read out some of the horrible shit that people write about them.
First up, Jeff Bridges, Kristen Bell, and the effortlessly sassy Brendakirk Crumplesnatch.
Like all the others that have come before, it’s straight-up glorious.

Real talk: “Alcatraz for penis” is probably my new favourite series of words.
via Uproxx.