The Rock Drinks Your Haterade, Smacks Down “Mean Tweets” On Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel‘s Mean Tweets Week rolls on unimpeded, with a handful of his celebrity pals dropping in to his theatre at the Hollywood Masonic Temple each night this week to read out some of the horrid crap that people write about them on Twitter.

The week kicked off with Bentobox Cabbagepatch, Kristen Bell, and Jeff Bridges dropping in to embrace the hate.
And on last night’s episode, it was The Rock who swooped in to swill from the haterade bowl, in arguably one of the better appearances the segment’s ever had.
Bette Midler also stopped by to show a bit of joy in the fact that someone finally recognised that it is she who has the biggest package in Hollywood, and Liam Neeson‘s very specific set of skills turned out to be not enough to prevent being wounded by a few nasty words.
Real talk, though: WHO TALKS SHIT ON THE ROCK?

He’s THE ROCK. He is hate-proof.