WATCH: Tilda Swinton Comprehends What Twitter Is In An Oscars ‘Mean Tweets’

With Jimmy Kimmel hosting the dang thing, a quick trip down ‘Mean Tweets‘ boulevard seemed all-but inevitable. And right on cue, he dragged it from the Hollywood Masonic Temple home of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ just down the road from the Dolby Theatre location of the Academy Awards.
Along with your Ryan Gosling‘s and your Emma Stone‘s and whatnot, this one is particularly notable not just for the outrageous things that people have written about other human beings on the line, but that – god damn it – some of the zingers are really bloody good.
The burns directed at Jeff Bridges and Miles Teller, in particular, are not only scorching, but devastatingly true.

Really though, the real winner here (as with anything lucky enough to have her presence) is bipedal Martian Tilda Swinton, who not only had to compute the kinda dickish thing some unidentified pleb said about her, but this vital concept as well:

Imagine trying to explain Twitter to Tilda Swinton. The icy stare you’d cop in return would halt time, my god.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter/Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.