Being a security guard, on the best of nights, isn’t exactly the easiest or most glamorous of jobs. Funnelling partygoers in and out of a venue and dealing with the litany of drunks along the way – all the while standing outside in the elements – has gotta wear thin as a novelty real quick.

And it’s the kind of thing the average bar patron doesn’t really think about. After all, the interaction you have with them as a person entering a pub usually only lasts a few seconds.

So a crafty bouncer in Canada just so happened to strap a GoPro to his chest to capture all the ridiculous goings on and painful interactions with drunk buffoons the average shift contains.

Captured outside a bar called Gatsby’s in London, Ontario on a snowy NYE (filmed last year, only very recently uploaded), the 9-minute compilation is certainly an eye-opener. If for no other reason than to learn the fact that apparently Canada has the most polite bouncers of all time.

Seriously. You find me one joint in the Cross where security staff try to calm down an angry patron because they “want them to be able to come back in here again one day,” and I will eat my hat and the hats of several others.

Source: Uproxx.