GoPro Unveils Its Own Drone, Perf For Capturing Your Summer Pool Backflips

Durable action-camera lords GoPro have just announced their long awaited drone, the GoPro Karma.
Mounting a GoPro to a drone doesn’t sound like anything new and honestly, it’s not. So what could GoPro’s own drown do that others can’t? Well, quite a bit by the looks of it. 
For one, it’s specially built for the GoPro and comes with a fancy stabiliser, so you can rest assured you’ll get the smoothest ever aerial footage of you and ya mates playing beach volleyball or whatever. It also detaches for use on it’s own or strapped to other moving objects or body parts. 
Unlike many other drones on the market, you won’t need a smartphone to run this bad boy – it comes with its very own clamshell touch screen controller, allowing you to control all the settings you need from the one place. GoPro have also introduced the Passenger app, enabling a second person to control the drone’s camera while you fly. Finally, you can get the perfect moving mid-air shot of ya worst mate Shaneo doing a SIK flip off the roof into ya dad’s aboveground pool. 
It’s also highly portable, allowing you to fold it away into a rigidly oblong backpack that is reportedly very light. It has a range of 1km, a flight time of 20 minutes and a max speed of 54km/h. While there wasn’t a whole lot of detail, the announcement did mention some autonomous flight functions that would be pretty dang cool.  
The Karma will be available in about a month and will set you back 1,195.95 Australian Dollarydoos. It will work with the new GoPro Hero 5 Black, the Hero 5 Session along with Hero’s 3 and 4. While the cost only covers the drone, controller and backpack, the company is offering a bundle with the Hero 5 Black for $1,649.95, or the Hero 5 Session for $1,323 with that price waiting to be confirmed. 
Source: GoPro.
Photo: GoPro.

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