Taronga Zoo Strap GoPro To Gung The Elephant’s Head, Create Amazing Video

Sydney’s Taronga Zoo did a thing, you guys. A thing that will make you squeal with happiness. A thing that has to do with Gung, the Asian Elephant

They strapped a GoPro to Gung’s head, so everyone can get a little insight into what it’s like to be an elephant. 
And ya know what? It seems really fuckin’ cool. Gung is just chillin’ out, playing soccer, eating delicious fruit, and just generally having a great ol’ time. 
“It’s been fascinating for us to watch the footage and observe Gung’s thought processes,” said Gung’s keeper, Steve Westnedge.

“We’re always watching our elephants to see how they move and interact with one another, but for the first time we’ve been able to see how Gung is viewing us and interpreting the way we move and interact with him.”

Apparently he was totally cool with his camera helmet too, in case you’re wondering. They gently tested it out before strapping it to him, and he wasn’t bothered by it at all. In fact, his keeper says he “loved it”. Big cutie. 
Watch below:
The footage was released for World Elephant Day, which is today, August 12th. 

via Daily Mail/YT