WATCH: 101 Y.O. Legend Takes Out Gold In 100 Metres Like A Speeding Bullet

Running absolutely sucks. Don’t believe what fit people tell you, the runners’ high is a myth, there’s no such thing as pushing through the wall, every second is agonising hell. Even as a young person, it is neither fun nor easy – imagine how running must feel when you’re roughly a century old.
Man Kaur is a 101-year-old Indian athlete from Chandigarh who made the trek to New Zealand to compete in the 2017 World Master’s Games, which, frankly, makes me feel like a lazy piece of shit.
Kaur, legend that she is, took out the gold in the 100-metre sprint with a blisteringly fast time of 1 minute 14.58 seconds, way faster than the runner-up who got… well… nothing, because she was the only competitor in the race.

She’s also competing in the 200-metre sprint, shot put and javelin, because apparently dominating at one thing just isn’t enough for her.
Remarkably, Kaur only started running at the age of 93, and has been doing remarkably well considering her newness to the sport.
What a bloody champ.
Source: NZ Herald.
Photo: Getty Images / Hannah Peters.