Warnie Embroiled In Road War With Cyclist

The fight between bikes versus cars has embroiled celebrity Shane Warne into the saga giving this debate a high profile edge.

Earlier this month Warnie and Melbourne cyclist, Matthew Hollingsworth, were involved in a road incident. In the ensuing he-said-she-said scenario, the two are each blaming the other for the January 17th incident with conflicting accounts.

Warne has claimed that Hollingsworth abused him and smacked his hand on the cricketer’s Mercedes. Warne has been quoted saying that Hollingsworth was lucky he was ” polite and careful” after the car smacking occurred. On the other side, Hollingsworth claims Warne almost ran him over to the extent his bike and leg were almost trapped under the bonnet of the car – a claim that’s been backed up by an unnamed eyewitness. Now the cyclist is suing for $1575 in damages.

The wife of Tour de France winner Cadel Evans, Chiara Passerini, has added to the conversation tweeting: “I would be very scared of meeting someone like @warne888 during a bike ride. His hate towards cyclists is
worrying. Glad I only ride a little!”

Tracy Grimshaw is barracking for Warne tweeting “I have to say @warne888 is making some serious sense about bike riders. Read his tweets. Drivers must respect bikes. Cyclists MUST respect law”.

This incident is just an old fight with new faces. The ‘Cyclist Vs Driver’ war is one that is ongoing. There are reasonable arguments for both sides, but who do you think are the biggest culprits of dangerous behaviour on roads? Have your say:

Words by Cassie Byrnes

Title Image by Ryan Pierse via Getty