Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne is getting a tell-all doco, so I guess that’s here to fill the The Last Dance-shaped hole in your heart.

Warnie confirmed that production is under way for the documentary entitled ‘Shane’ in Fox Cricket’s A Week With Warnie segment.

“I’ve signed with a company to follow me around … we’re going to do sit-down interviews about everything. Nothing’s off limits. We’re going to go in-depth about it all,” Warnie said.

“They want to experience what I’m like as a father at home, poker in (Las) Vegas, commentary here in Australia and in England, they want to go to India during the IPL and watch me team mentor … and generally just follow me around.”

He hasn’t been able to reveal any further juicy details about the show just yet, but rumours are swirling that it’ll be produced by Amazon, who also made the Australian cricket team doco The Test earlier this year. But with “nothing off limits,” it’s sure to be a spicy one.

Outside of being arguably the greatest spinner cricket has ever seen, Warnie is no stranger to a controversy, so hopefully we’ll be seeing him really tell all in the new doco. His career has included scandals surrounding banned substances, his tumultuous relationship with former captain Steve Waugh, his romance with Liz Hurley and let’s not forget that time he called bullshit on the evolution theory (instead claiming people descended from aliens).

He’s never shied away from a scandal, but we simply can’t help but love him. But even if you’re not a fan of the cricket legend, he frankly doesn’t give a shit because this isn’t for his haters, it’s for his kids.

“I hope the reason for doing this is, I hope I can inspire people. I hope I can help people understand a bit more about me as a person, not the person they always saw on the cricket field.”

“If they like me, great. If they don’t, it’s okay. I’m just doing it for me and it’s something hopefully my kids and grandkids can say, ‘hey, this was my dad, this is what he did’.”

You can love him or loathe him, but we all know a Shane Warne tell-all doco is going to make for some entertaining television.