Shane Warne Is Writing A Song

Adding yet another rare feather to a bow that includes boutique ale brewereveryman style icon and Australian sporting legend, Shane Warne’s animated wax sculpture has announced that it is currently writing a pop song, at the behest of one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. The cricket legend discussed the news with Kiis FM Kyle and Jackie O this week, saying that a famous musician friend had asked him to write a song for him. 

“The song’s basically about life,” Warnie said. “I’m just putting it down. It could be absolute rubbish but I’m trying. I’m giving it to a mate who is in a pretty cool band and I’m going to see what he thinks of it.”

When pressed for the identity of famous musician friend who would solicit lyrical advice from Shane Warne, the King of Spin, Sun Tan Lotion and Selfies could only reveal that he was from “a big band, one of the biggest in the world”.

Could it be?

PS. Remember when Warnie had a talk show? Nope, neither.