The Great Southern Stand At The MCG Will Be Renamed The S.K. Warne Stand In Honour Of Warnie

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced that the Great Southern Stand of the MCG will be renamed the S.K. Warne stand in honour of sporting legend Shane Warne.

Shane Warne passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning while on holiday in Thailand. He was 52 years old and is believed to have died of a heart attack.

There have been widespread outpourings of grief across Australia and the world as people share their memories of the one and only Warnie.

Dan Andrews said the stand would be a “permanent tribute to an amazing Victorian” whose name and his cricket prowess will now live on in the MCG.

Victoria’s Sports Minister Martin Pakula said that Dan Andrews had spoken to Shane’s brother Jason Warne. The name change will happen as quickly as possible.

“I had a conversation with Dan a couple of hours ago and he’s exchanged messages with Shane’s brother and whilst they might be a technical process that would normally be gone through, sometimes you need to dispense with that,” Pakula said, as per The Sydney Morning Herald.

Pakula also confirmed that no matter what redevelopments happen to the MCG, the stand will remain the S.K. Warne stand.

Ahead of his retirement after the 2006-2007 Ashes, Warne became the first person to reach 700 wickets. The MCG is also the spot where Warne scored his infamous 1994 hat trick.

Shane Warne’s family will be offered a state funeral according to statements from both Dan Andrews and PM Scott Morrison.

In his statement, Scott Morrison describe Warnie as “one of our nation’s greatest characters”.

“His humour, his passion, his irreverence, his approachability ensured he was loved by all,” Morrison said.

“In recognition of Shane Warne’s national achievement his family will be offered a state funeral by the Commonwealth Government.

“This will be done in consultation with the Warne family, Cricket Australia and the Victorian Government to ensure we honour Shane’s passing and memory.”