A WA Man Tried To Smuggle A Meth-Filled Burg Into Hotel Quarantine & Police Weren’t Lovin’ It

A 52 year-old WA man tried to smuggle meth into Perth hotel quarantine in what looks like a Quarter Pounder and ahhh what?

The ‘faux’ courier arrived at Adelaide Street hotel at 12.15pm and said he wanted to drop some food off for a person in one of the rooms, according to WA Today.

Image: WA Today

Obviously the dude looked hella dodgy and the police were onto him straight away, searching the entire order. Turns out the man in question tried to hide four syringes inside a thickshake and a 1.2 gram baggie of meth in a Quarter Pounder.

But the real question is what flavour was the thickshake? Because if it was strawberry, then they truly deserve to be in jail.

“Further evidence was located which indicated he had been communicating with a person in quarantine in relation to delivering a quantity of methylamphetamine to the hotel,” a WA police spokesperson said.

The man from Beaconsfield was Mcarrested by police for being in possession of a prohibited Mcdrug with the intent to Mcsell.

It’s apparently not WA’s first rodeo with a foiled plot to sneak drugs into hotel quarantine. On another occasion someone tried to smuggle drugs in a bag of french fries. What’s with smuggling drugs in fast-food? A bowl of pho would’ve done the trick, and it tastes better too.

Apparently the Mcgoods were wrapped in aluminium foil and hidden inside the bag of fries. A man attempted to deliver them to a woman’s room in hotel quarantine, but ~clearly~ failed.

Well, at least it can’t be as bad as the time someone tried to smuggle ketamine inside pictures of Hilary Duff. Yes, you didn’t misread that. It actually happened. Because smuggling drugs any other way, is so yesterday.

Anyway, what a Mcfuck up? (ok, ok, I’ll stop).