A 25 Y.O. Was Fined $13K After He Escaped Hotel Quarantine & Went Clubbing For Five Hours

A domestic tourist who flew from Adelaide to Perth has been slapped with a $13,000 fine after he ditched hotel quarantine to check out the CBD, including going clubbing for five hours. Thankfully, he tested negative for COVID-19 in the end.

The 25-year-old landed in Perth on December 11 and was supposed to quarantine for 14 days, just like everyone else. But when police did a routine check at his room on the second day, they realised he wasn’t there.

Incidentally, the man rocked up at the hotel while police were still searching for him. They then found out about all the places he’d been while he was supposed to be quarantining.

In the space of one day, the man had somehow managed to zip all over the Perth CBD.

First, he actually swung by a drive-through on the way to the hotel from the airport. That’s a huge no-no.

Then while actually checking into the hotel, the man didn’t wear a face mask and apparently didn’t even tell staff he was there to quarantine.

Shortly after, he left the hotel to go to a supermarket and a convenience store. Maybe he forgot something on the way back.

That evening he went clubbing for five hours. The next day, popped on down to Elizabeth Quay to take some happy snaps.

“The man offered no valid or lawful reason for leaving the quarantine location and admitted to those breaches,” a spokesperson for WA Police said.

On Tuesday, the man pleaded guilty to five counts of Fail to Comply with an Emergency Management Act Direction and was slapped with a $13,000 fine.

Breaching lockdown and quarantine restrictions often comes with an on-the-spot fine of $1,000, but serious cases can be fined up to $50,000 and expect up to 12 months in prison.

This particular guy will have to pay up before he’s released from custody at the Perth Watch House.

“Based on yesterday’s court outcomes, these offenders can also expect a significant court-imposed penalty,” the police spokesperson added.

WA seems to be having a tough time with hotel quarantine lately.

Earlier this month a self-described “fringe scientist” also escaped from hotel quarantine and bragged about it online before turning herself in.

It’s for this reason the state government has started beefing up hotel quarantine security. Let’s hope this puts an end to people escaping and running amok and/or going clubbing around Perth.