Perth Man Who Ditched Quarantine To See His GF Becomes First Aussie Jailed Over Lockdown Laws

A Perth man has become the first Australian sentenced to time behind bars for violating a state’s coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown rules, after he admitted to ducking out of mandatory quarantine to see his girlfriend.

PerthNow reports Jonathan David, 35, was today sentenced at Perth Magistrates Court to six months and two weeks in jail. All but one month of the sentence was suspended, and David will also cop a $2,000 fine.

David, who yesterday pleaded guilty to two counts of failing to comply with an order, traveled to Perth from Victoria late last month.

The court heard he initially spent time at his partner’s Armadale residence, but left after they had an argument.

He was transported to the Perth Travelodge where he was asked to comply with the state’s tough new Emergency Management Act, which orders all interstate travelers to spend 14 days in self-isolation before roaming around the community.

The court heard that David was spotted outside of his provided hotel room at least five times during that period, and that he had used public transport to visit his partner in Armadale.

It’s best to rely on Nine News‘ account of how that experience was relayed in court:

He claims he eventually snuck out because he “missed” her and wanted “to get food”.

A big no-no, as far as the law is currently concerned.

Nine News reports Magistrate Elaine Campione called David “breathtakingly arrogant” for his decision to sneak out of his hotel room, with prosecutors adding his actions were “selfish and extreme”.

Despite the time David will now spend behind bars, things could have been much worse: he could have faced up to twelve months in prison and a $50,000 fine under the state’s new guidelines.