Both Perth and the Peel regions in Western Australia are headed back into a lockdown for three days over the state’s long weekend, Premier Mark McGowan has announced.

Starting at midnight on Friday, the two regions will go into strict lockdown until midnight on Monday, after it’s believed that a new coronavirus case in Victoria may have been infectious for five days in Perth.

Premier McGowan made the announcement at a press conference on Friday afternoon, confirming that the man was released from hotel quarantine in Perth on April 17. He then spent five days in Perth before travelling home to Melbourne, where he returned a positive test on April 23.

While in Perth, the man visited a friend, who has also returned a positive result from a rapid COVID test.

This is a fast evolving situation and we are acting on information that has just come to light,” he said.

“Because this person is in Victoria, we have immediately mobilised teams to begin contact tracing. 

After leaving quarantine on 17 April, he stayed with a friend and her two children in Cardinia and went to Elysian restaurant. A friend has, who is a close contact, had a rapid COVID test today. That has just returned a positive result.”

McGowan then detailed a list of other locations the man had travelled to during his five day stint in Perth, which is now listed on the WA’s health department website. He also confirmed this is why the Perth and Peel regions are to enter lockdown from midnight on Friday, with face masks being made mandatory from 6pm.

From midnight, people need to stay in the Perth and Peel regions and won’t be able to leave unless you have an exemption,” he said.

“There will be four reasons to leave your house. These are: Work, because you can’t work from home or remotely, shopping for essentials like groceries, medicine and necessary supplies, medical or healthcare needs, including compassionate requirements and looking after the vulnerable, and exercise with a maximum of four people, limited to one hour per day and masks must be worn unless it is rigorous exercise. Masks are mandatory from 6pm tonight.”

To reiterate, Perth and Peel regions will be entering a three-day lockdown from midnight tonight, with masks being made mandatory from 6pm.

There are four reasons for people in these regions to leave their homes, which are

  • Work, if working from home is not an option.
  • Shopping for essentials, like groceries, medicine, and supplies.
  • Medical or healthcare needs, including compassionate care and looking after vulnerable people.
  • Exercise, for a maximum of one hour per day, with a maximum of four people.

In line with the lockdown, all retail except supermarkets, pharmacies, and other essential stores will close, and restaurants and cafés will pivot to takeaway only.

Image: Getty Images / Matt Jelonek