A Perth pitch invader is facing a $50,000 fine after bumrushing Thursday night’s AFL clash between Geelong and Collingwood at Optus Stadium, reportedly breaching COVID-19 quarantine rules in the process.

The West Australian reports a shirtless man dashed onto the field late in the match, but was restrained by seccies well before reaching any players.

Security staff, who wore masks and gloves, escorted the man off the oval.

Nine News reports the 28-year-old is slated to face court next Friday.

While pitch invasion is generally considered a no-no, ongoing concerns for the coronavirus pandemic means harsher punishments than usual are in play.

Victorian teams Geelong and Collingwood duked it out in Perth due to lingering fears for Victoria’s coronavirus outbreak, and every player on the field was technically still within Western Australia’s mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

Fans were barred from sitting in the two rows closest to the pitch to avoid contact with the players.

The streaker will also be subject to a 14-day quarantine period of his own, The West Australian states.

Collingwood left with the spoils, beating the Cats 35-57.

Let’s hope they didn’t leave the stadium with anything else, hey.

Image: @GenoveseMichael / Twitter