Someone decided that it was a good idea to try and smuggle ketamine inside pictures of Hilary Duff, because smuggling drugs in a bodyboard bag is like So Yesterday.

The frames were in seperate shipments that arrived in express air delivery at Philadelphia International Airport from the Netherlands. The ketamine was discovered by Philadelphia Customs and Border protection officers, who inspected the packages.

The special K shipment weighed a total of 16.4 kilograms and was concealed in the plastic backing of the frames, which officers were quickly able to identify it as ketamine.

Special agents with Homeland Security investigations in Hartford Connecticut have arrested a man over the crime and are investigating the shipment.

There is still no explanation on why they chose ex-Disney star and pop icon Hilary Duff as their drug mule. Perhaps it’s because she is the least problematic Disney star, and that would somehow arouse less suspicion.

The image used was taken from Duff’s 2005 album Most Wanted, which is certainly a choice. Look if you’re hiding drugs behind something called Most Wanted, you’re really just asking to be caught.

It’s not the first time, someone has tried to hide drugs in a less than conventional location. Last week, cocaine and ice were found in boxes of adult sex toys bound for Melbourne.

In total, police found 40 kilograms of ice and 18 kilograms of cocaine concealed within the sex toys.

A Guy Tried To Smuggle Ketamine Inside Pics Of Hilary Duff, In A One In A Million Drug Bust
Image: Australian Federal Police

“COVID-19 has not stopped drug dealers or organised crime syndicates from trying to import illicit products into Australia,” said Federal Police acting Commander of Investigations Jayne Crossling about the sex toy shipment.

“Drugs and drug abuse have severe consequences for the Australian community.

“Those with illicit substances in their system are unpredictable and it’s not just their health they are putting at risk, but those around them.”

Border Force Regional Commander for Victoria and Tasmania, Craig Palmer, said the discovery showed criminals will go to “creative lengths” to sneak drugs into Australia.

Wow who knew drug dealers had so much untapped creativity.

Image: Philadelphia Customs and Border protection